Network Infrastructure.


The network is the foundation upon which your entire company’s systems and services are built. Nothing you do to generate revenue, service customers or aide employees works without a proper network foundation in place. While it is often overlooked, and not flashy or exciting, your network infrastructure is essential to the success of your business processes and productivity.

Managed Services.


Remember when you had an IT question, issue or your network was down and you did not know what to worry about more, getting someone on the phone, answer to your issue, or how much is this going to cost? Those days are over with Super support from Server One your systems are constantly maintained, monitored, updated, backed up so your network is REALIABLE! No more waiting, wondering or paying for down time. You get one fixed price for your own IT staff.



Business Security.


The network and information security landscape has changed drastically over the course of the last few years. Gone are the days of the ‘script kiddies’ sitting in their mom’s basement drinking Mountain Dew and downloading vulnerability exploits off the net. Today’s hackers are far more sophisticated and much more motivated. Not just motivated by the thrill of the game, but driven by greed and money.


Support Services.


In the past, we used to wait by the phone for things to break so we could get paid for your misery. That philosophy changed years ago from Reactive to Proactive to Automated. Server One offers a wide variety of support services from on-site, remote, hosted, automated maintenance, asset management, procurement and more. We offer 24/7 monitoring and/or remediation support for those clients that work or have a business around the clock.


Web Site Design.


Our company specializes in developing Web sites for businesses, organizations, individuals, and events who are seeking to establish a Web presence and advertise on the World Wide Web. Our staff of graphic designers and programmers use the latest state-of-the-art equipment and software which will not only satisfy your specifications and effectively market on-line, but represent your company in a friendly and professional manner.